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One of a Kind handmade fused glass sculpture, hand painted with 24-Karat Gold.

The Science and Magic of each hand crafted piece

Each piece is hand-cut, ground to fit together much like a puzzle using the colored glass for the first layer. Then a second set of clear glass pieces is hand-cut and ground for the second layer, this gives each piece its incredible depth.

The pieces are puzzled to fit tightly together. Then they are placed in a kiln and fired to 1600 degrees Fahrenheit. This initial process of firing and cool down takes approximately 24 hours. Each piece is then hand-painted with a liquid form of 24k gold, which appears dark brown in its raw form.

The piece is then placed in the kiln once again over a sculptured form and fired to 1300 degrees Fahrenheit. The piece takes the shape of the sculptured form during the firing and cool down takes another 24 hours.

 Each piece is then signed and has a corresponding Certificate of Authenticity Drawing upon the mystical properties of the ocean, Sandy has created an extensive collection of wall sculptures. In addition to the inspiration she draws from Cayman’s marine life, Sandy attributes her colorful imagination to the influences of Latin culture she enjoyed while living in Venezuela for 13 years.

She’s also been influenced by Argentine sculptor Roberto Estevez, a protégé of Salvador Dali to whom she apprenticed for five years in New York.Type your paragraph here

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